d1g1t at the GRI Annual Summit “Risk and Opportunity – Managing in a World of Innovation, Disruption and Threat” in Toronto, October 3, 2018

The Global Risk Institute (GRI) is organizing its Annual Summit on October 3rd at the Toronto Region Board of Trade. This year’s sold-out event brings together world-renowned speakers, industry experts, and academics from all facets of the financial services industry to explore the risk and opportunities of managing in a world of innovation, disruption and threat.

The summit will cover a panel on Fintech innovation, titled “Technology’s Impact on Financial Services – Newcomers, Challenges, and Opportunities”, with David Cluff (Chief Risk Officer of Home Trust Company), Puneesh Arora (Chief Risk Officer of PC Financial), Tonya Blackmore, Chief Executive Officer of Apexa, and Dr. Dan Rosen (Chief Executive Officer of d1g1t Inc.).

From challenger banks and online payments systems to digital wallets, apps and robo-advisors, the financial services industry is experiencing a revolution of sorts. These FinTech newcomers are creeping into the incumbent’s market share, but what impact have they had? The panel made up of emerging bank, FinTech, and InsureTech industry leaders will discuss the potential change they are seeing in consumer behaviour, changes to the financial industry, as well as looking at shifts by all parties towards cooperation, partnerships, and joint ventures. Canada is home to one of the largest international financial hubs and has some of the world’s top technological talent, making it a great environment for FinTech firms to flourish.

In particular, Dr. Rosen will be highlighting the impact of technology, analytics, big data and AI on the Wealth Management industry. These advances will not eliminate the need of human advisors, but rather empower advisors to provide a better experience to their clients through transparent value-added services, built around client goals and not specific financial products, that build long-term trust.

For a full agenda of the GRI 2018 Summit, go to https://gri-summit.com.