d1g1t Platform

d1g1t is more than just a reporting platform.
It allows you to elevate the client experience & increase engagement.
By providing them with all the information they need at their fingertips, advisors take the conversation with their clients to a different level.

Manage clients, portfolios and the business

Demonstrate your distinctive value to sophisticated, unique, & demanding clients.

Manage Clients Create comprehensive plans & views of your clients’ overall wealth.

Integrate the full investor story; your clients’ risk profiles, goals, IPS’s, and investment accounts.

Provide clients with comprehensive reporting & a modern digital experience through a modern client portal and mobile app.

Monitor & manage complex client portfolios with a broad range of holdings.

Manage portfolios Provide full coverage and analytics for multi-asset class and multi-currency portfolios.

Offer model portfolio tracking and extensive portfolio construction and bulk trading.

Integrate & manage funds consistently with full look-through and liquidity capabilities.

Leverage technology to improve operations, compliance & the client experience.

Manage the business Aggregates diverse data sources including custodians, brokers, funds and off-book assets.

Work efficiently through a seamless, intuitive workflow & integrated portfolio management.

Manage the business with a common platform used by everyone in the firm: senior management, compliance, client teams, and portfolio managers.