A single platform used by every member of the firm.
Increasing collaboration and communication across the enterprise.

Key users The d1g1t platform allows your entire organization to share information and insights in real-time about clients, portfolios and the business.

Stronger collaboration is facilitated when everyone is on the same page – at all times – and can share valuable insights about clients and the business.


Who We Serve

RIA’s & Independent Advisors

Multi Family Offices

Custodians, Broker-Dealers & RIA Aggregators

Bank Private Wealth


“d1g1t provides an unparalleled end-to-end platform to run a modern advisory business which enables advisors to manage much bigger books more efficiently.
Advisors and business leaders can now manage their business real-time through business intelligence and continuity reports, advisors can focus on value added activities, and their families and clients can get full transparency through an integrated client experience and modern reporting.”

Som Seif
CEO, Purpose Financial