Webinar: Don’t Just Tell Your Clients Not to Panic. Show Them.

In our latest webinar, we discuss how important it is for advisors to show – not simply tell – their clients why it’s important to ride out the storm and stay focused on long-term goals during times of market turmoil.

We discuss how advisors who use the d1g1t enterprise wealth management platform can:
– Perform risk and scenario analysis to demonstrate the impact of extreme market events in an intuitive and integrated manner across all client accounts
– Review and adjust client portfolios by comparing risk and performance to multiple benchmarks or investment strategies, in addition to tracking success against their goals
– Reassure clients by keeping their focus on the long-term so as not to miss participating in the market recovery

If you missed the webinar and are interested in learning more, please contact us at getintouch@d1g1t.com.