Understand the risks you take…
take the risks you measure

The d1g1t wealth management platform provides transparent portfolio management services to professional advisers and their individual investors. Designed and supported by the strongest financial engineering team in the industry, the platform is powered by advanced analytics and risk management tools only used by the most advanced hedge funds, institutional investor and traders in Wall Street and around the world.

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We make these tools easily accessible to financial advisers and wealth management firms, allowing them to:

  • Better align a client’s goals with their investment strategies;
  • Make better investment decisions, and manage the risk of client’s portfolios; and
  • Communicate more effectively with their clients.

The d1g1t Platform

1. Enterprise Professional Application

Multi-user solution

A single platform used by wealth managers, portfolio managers, compliance officers, risk officers, chief investment officers, and senior management in a firm to conduct all activities around the client management and investment management processes.

Business growth and scalability

Monitoring and management of the adviser’s business growth based on objective metrics, and providing enhanced communication, efficient execution and automation that facilitate the growth of the business.

Enterprise-wide platform

Enterprise view of portfolios and clients – actively monitor and manage portfolio exposures, risk and performance on a real-time basis, at any aggregation level throughout the firm.

Proactive client management

Proactive management of each individual client, with more effective communication and clear understanding of unique requirements focusing on an individualized solution.

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2. Investor’s App

Real-time portfolio monitoring

Real-time portfolio monitoring and analytics presented in a simple and user-friendly interface via web and mobile apps, which provide full transparency.


Learning environment, and enhanced communication with the financial adviser.

Tracking financial goals and performance

Setting and tracking financial goals, reviewing investment policies, and monitoring milestones.

Exploring investments and markets

Exploration of markets, investment ideas and research with intuitive progressive disclosure.

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3. End-to-End Automated Technology Platform


End-to-end digital customer onboarding.

Individualized and model portfolios

Automated individualized portfolios, with advanced rebalancing portfolio construction and benchmarking tools, as well as the creation, benchmarking and management of model portfolios.

Trading connectivity and execution

Standardized automated connection to trading and fund admin platform.

Limits, compliance and trading strategies

Trade compliance, pre-trade limits and verification, and post-trade support tools.

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