The Team


Dan Rosen

Dr. Dan Rosen,

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer


Benoit Fleury

Benoit Fleury,

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer


Philippe Rouanet

Philippe Rouanet,

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer


External Board Members

Ian Ainsworth,

Board Member

Partner, Extreme Venture Partners

Jason Marks,

Board Member

CEO, Metric Asset Management

Som Seif,

Board Member

CEO, Purpose Financial

Financial Engineering and Research

Dalia Kronenberg Yunger

Dalia Kronenberg Yunger ,

Carlos Martinez Amaya

Carlos Martinez Amaya ,

Leonid Merkoulovitch

Leonid Merkoulovitch ,

Jovan Nedeljkovic

Jovan Nedeljkovic ,

David Saunders

David Saunders,

Jeff Lee

Jeff Lee ,

Josh Weiss,

Software Engineering and Operations

Gordon Chung,

Alex Coates

Alex Coates,

Laurent Domenech

Laurent Domenech,

Ray Huang

Ray Huang ,

Ievgen Iermolenko

Ievgen Iermolenko,

Aleksandr Kojic

Aleksandr Kojic ,

Amadou Laroura ,

Cindy Liao

Cindy Liao ,

Priyank Purohit ,

Brandy Sandrowicz,

Slava Senchenko,

Oleksii Strutsynskyi

Oleksii Strutsynskyi,

Marco Zamora

Marco Zamora ,

Adam Zmenak

Adam Zmenak,